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Few regions are more exposed to political fluctuations than Latin America. Taking any kind of business decision in this region without a clear understanding of its politics is risky—and costly. Then again, there is almost no media outlet where you can find independent, insightful analysis about it. This is why we created LatamPolitik. If you are looking to be armed with the right information and the right perspective, then this newsletter is for you.

At LatamPolitik, we offer political analysis for a better decision making in one of the World areas with the highest political risk.

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The Team

LatamPolitik is a joint production between Perch Perspectives and VisualPolitik.

Perch Perspectives advises business executives, corporations, policymakers, governments, and NGOs on past, present, and future international affairs. With global expertise in markets such as supply chain, agriculture, technology, aerospace, and energy, Perch Perspectives provides clients with a holistic understanding of the historical, cultural, geographic, political, and economic forces that define the nature of power, shape the world and impact business decisions. For more information, visit www.perchperspectives.com.

VisualPolitik is a YouTube channel about international politics and economics, that broadcasts in English, Spanish and German. With more than 3 million subscribers worldwide, it is one of the leading emerging media. For more than 5 years we have been offering independent, fact-based, political analysis.